printed with love
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4444 Second Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201

Studio times:

weekends by appointment

44FortyFour Studio is run by two sassy lady-printers; Liz Kerner and Danielle Denha and is located in the heart of Midtown Detroit.

Before the union of their equipment, Liz was printing in her garage in the south end of the Cass Corridor, and Danielle was printing in a leaky warehouse on Detroit’s Eastside. Despite all odds, the two joined forces to show the big boys how real lady-printers work. Settling in a sustainable business center called the Green Garage wasn’t easy (we told them letterpressing wastes a lot of paper), but they accepted the duo with open arms. And here we are.

As much as we want to make you look good when you hand out your number, the goal of the studio is to create a space of learning, exploration and collaboration not just for us but for people who just realized how awesome letterpress is.

The studio is open by appointment only. Please email to make an appointment.

We also have an Etsy where you can purchase some of our mind-blowing prints. Please buy something here.

we've made


Everyone’s needs are different, so there is no standard price for printing jobs. We specialize in small traditional letterpress print jobs. At this time, we cannot do custom die-cutting, foil stamping or split fountains. We're fancy, but maybe one day we'll be super-fancy and offer those extras.


We love seeing projects develop from start to finish. We specialize in designing for letterpress. Since each job is different we quote on an individual basis.


We offer one on one instruction for those eager to learn. Instruction time is in increments of four hours and is $80.00 per session. Supplies are provided. Instruction time is by appointment only.

We offer instruction in:

  • Letterpress
  • Linoleum carving
  • Designing for letterpress

Email to make an appointment.

Studio Time

Studio time is only offered to individuals who have taken two instructions. Studio time allows people without access to letterpress a chance to print projects on their own. You can book studio time for $20.00/hr. with a minimum of three hours.

Studio times:


what you should know about studio time

All late arrivals will be billed from the start time specified in your booking. Bookings can be canceled or modified up to 48 hours before their start time. After that time there are NO cancellations or postponements.

Equipment for use:

  • 6.5x10 sheet size Pilot Press
  • 12x18 sheet size Proof Press
  • 26x40 Papercutter
  • 4 cabinets of type (wood and lead)

We don’t provide paper for studio time.

You’re welcome to use our ink however we maintain a cooperative ink supply. If you would like to join this co-op and use these inks all you need to do is contribute one 1 pound container from the Van Son ink system and bring it in with you the first time you print. We will add your name to the co-op list and you can use any of the ink in the communal supply.

Those who use studio time are welcome to compose type projects for the duration of their time but we require you redistribute the type back in the proper case.

what we make

Everyone’s needs are different, so there is no standard price for printing jobs. But there are some pricing standards we can tell you about now:

  • Set-up fee - $40 per ink color
  • Papercutting/trimming - $20
  • labor is quoted at an hourly rate
  • we do not offer "house stock"
let's make something